The rear foaming of substrates is a patent pending process developed between BASF Group, Elastogran GMBH and Isotherm AG, Switzerland.

This process was developed to replace the traditional method for producing leather automobile components. A method that resulted in high labor costs and high reject rates. If seams were not sealed correctly, the PU foam would penetrate the seams. The leather required a backside coating/foil to avoid hardening and shrinking on direct contact with the monomer. Adhesion problems were also an issue.

With the NEW rear foaming process, the foam is not applied directly to the leather or fabric, but applied to the substrate or backside of the mold. Once the foam begins to cure and is in a visco-elastic state, it is pressed against the leather/fabric adhering to, but not penetrating, the material. The PU continues to react inside the clamped mold forming the desired molded shape fully fused to the leather or fabric.


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