Surface-Refinement-Molding (SRM)

Surface finishing by flooding components with lightfast, self-separating two-component PUR systems in a separate tool/tool carrier or directly in the injection molding machine.

Surface-Refinement-Molding (SRM)


  • Complex design

  • High surface quality and aesthetics

  • Pleasant and high-quality feel

  • Wide range of materials

  • Rinsing agent and solvent-free

The carrier part is inserted into the tool and its decorative side is flooded by injecting a microbubble-free PUR mixture. The decorative layer can be, for example, a high-gloss surface with scratch-resistant piano lacquer or a matt-gloss surface with a carbon fibre structure, depending on the tool surface treatment.

Depending on the layer thickness, crystal-clear systems also produce a 3D effect. They are also used for flooding back injection-molded printed films, e.g., in conjunction with LED lighting. SRM leaves nothing to be desired thanks to the 100 percent reproduction of microstructures in terms of the surface finish of the decorative layers. Flooding root wood structures brings out their beauty and variety of colours.

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