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Isotherm AG is a leading company in the development and manufacture of solutions for processing polyurethane and other reactive mixtures. With a focus on quality, innovation and sustainability, ISOTHERM has established itself as a reliable supplier in the industry.

We develop and build customised and forward-thinking solutions for all possible levels of automation and customisation. More than 650 units and complete systems are in use by our customers worldwide in several industries. The expertise we have acquired and our determination to find optimum solutions in the interests of our customers are the basis of ISOTHERM's excellent reputation.

Our interdisciplinary services lead to synergies from engineering, process and application technology through to training and global services.

Thanks to our agile, flexible response to your individual requirements, we enable you to mix PUR and other highly reactive components intensively and in precise doses. All our solutions are forward-thinking and are geared towards sustainability, enabling highly consistent, environmentally-friendly and precise production.

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