Refrigerators and freezers without PUR rigid foam insulation – that is almost unthinkable. Whether for RIM applications, bonding, sealing or surface finishing, ISOTHERM supplies suitable application and system technology for household appliances.

Application examples


  • High design freedom

  • High surface quality and aesthetics

  • Pleasant and high-quality feel

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Wide range of materials

The support ribs for refrigerator shelves are filled with a higher-density foam to reinforce them. The oversized supermarket cabinets are manufactured with a PU outer housing sprayed in a 3-layer structure. For smaller household appliances, PU is used for the bonding and sealing of housing parts and the electrical encapsulation of cable connections. Tactile, flexible films flooded with PU make the control panels of household appliances stable, safe and visually appealing. Matt, semi-flexible coatings with a pleasant feel provide a secure grip when handling kitchen appliances.


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Do you have questions?
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