Spray (ARS)

Continuous spraying of a highly resistant PUR layer with freely definable layer thickness. For protection against and optimisation of the anti-slip or sliding properties of highly stressed components depending on their functionality and area of application.

Abrasion-Resistant-Spray (ARS)


  • Seamless, closed coating

  • Waterproof coating

  • Protection against abrasion

  • Optimisation of the anti-slip or sliding properties

  • Precise adaptation to complex geometries

  • Significant increase in service life

Knife blades, cutlery and various other small parts are polished and deburred in tumbling or vibratory finishing containers by rotating ceramic granulate in a wide variety of geometries. The granulate exposes these vibratory steel containers to significant abrasion. The manufacturers of such vibratory finishing containers usually coat the containers and inlet funnels with a highly resistant PUR coating and thus achieve a much longer service life for their equipment.

Similar coatings were used for the hoppers and conveyor channels of a slag ash disposal plant. Also used here to seal the conveyor channels. The aggressive slag would quickly corrode the carrier steel through chemical corrosion. This is completely prevented by the coating, so the coating serves as abrasion protection, corrosion protection and assembly joint sealing here. The same properties also apply to load area coatings for a pickup truck or interior coatings for a panel van.

In order to achieve a uniform coating thickness, abrasion protection systems are predominantly sprayed with a low ejection volume. This also enables more precise adaptation to complex geometries.

Application examples


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