Universal and modular PUR high-pressure unit with hydraulically driven tandem displacement piston pumps. The PSM3000 is suitable for the casting and spray processing of filled and unfilled elastomers as well as foamed polyurethanes and polyureas.



  • Modular, customisable design

  • Continuously heated material loops

  • Circulation via the mixing head

  • Fully automatic close-loop control of mixing ratio and flow rate

  • Operation via HMI with touch screen

  • Process visualisation and recipe memory

  • Mechanically self-cleaning, solvent-free mixing heads with high-pressure impingement mixing

  • Smallest single shots and continuous discharge in casting and spraying

The heated POLYOL and ISOCYANATE components are metered from process vessels using displacement piston pumps and fed to the mixing head under high pressure or returned to the process vessels in low-pressure circulation through the mixing head. Continuous heating of the component loops, optimum pressure stability and extremely high repeatability are just some of the many properties that feature in the PSM3000 every day in tough industrial use at customers' premises on all continents.


Continuously variable flow rate        
0,6 - 10 l/min (10 - 166 g/s)

Continuously variable mixing ratio       
1:4 bis 4:1

max. 5000 mPa·s

Max. working pressure    
200 bar

Space requirement     
ca. 15 m2 (4 Aggregate 1200 x 800 mm)

approx. 2000 kg

Mains connection / power      
3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 24 kVA

Subject to technical changes
without prior notice.

Application examples


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