Stringent medical standards may suggest that fewer polyurethanes are used in the medical care sector. Far from it! Our ISOTHERM solutions are also used for various applications in the medical care sector with the necessary adaptations and extensions. The applications listed below are just a few examples.

Application examples


  • Precise metering accuracy

  • Safety and reliability

  • High surface quality and aesthetics

  • Pleasant and high-quality feel

  • Documentation and protocols

PUR rigid integral foams are frequently used for the manufacture of housings for medical devices and equipment. The control panels of medical equipment can be produced using tactile printed films flooded with elastic PUR, which facilitates clear operation and necessary cleaning. In the in-mold skinning (IMS) process, a dentist's chair or operating table mats made of viscoelastic foam pads in combination with soft foam can be equipped with a flexible outer skin that can be wiped with disinfectants. Antimicrobial additives can also be added to this skinning material. Semi-rigid and/or soft integral foams are also mainly used in the orthopaedic sector for the manufacture of prostheses.


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