In-Mold-Skinning (IMS)

Spraying a compact PUR system into open molds as an integral, hard or flexible, elastic outer skin of foamed or compact molded parts.

In-Mold-Skinning (IMS)


  • Aesthetics and design variety

  • Consistent quality

  • Hard or flexible

  • Optimised surface properties

  • Adaptation to complex shapes

For large components in small quantities, the production of a multi-part closed mold for the injection of a PUR skinning system is often too expensive. Here you have the option of spraying the skinning system directly into the open casting mold. After the spray coating, a soft foam is cast in and the tool is then closed. This method produces an exceptionally good bond between the soft foam and the outer skin. As a result, the finest surface structures such as leather grain, carbon fibre structures, gloss and matt areas or labels are reproduced true to contour.

Application examples


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