Adhesive-Spray-Application (ASA)

Bonding of various materials by manual or automated spraying. System-dependent from highly to slightly reactive, solvent-free with minimal overspray.

Adhesive-Spray-Application (ASA)


  • Continuous adhesive spraying or jet stream spray

  • Intermittent adhesive spraying or jet stream spray

  • Uniform layer thickness of the adhesive

  • Thinner layer thickness of the adhesive

  • Reduced adhesive consumption

  • Waste minimised

The casting and subsequent squeegeeing of PUR adhesive systems on conveyor systems requires the discharge pipe to be flushed every time the system is stopped. The adhesive consumption is enormous. The layer thicknesses during squeegee application are more than 1 mm and occasional material build-up behind the squeegee is virtually unavoidable. Spray coating or jet stream spraying produces a more even and thinner layer thickness of adhesive than casting.


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