The modular GP600 L-shaped mixing head allows for the smallest lead-free single shots before and after, as well as continuous ejection during casting with maximum repeatability.

Polyurethan PUR Umlenkmischkopf GP600 mit Hochkdruck-Gegenstromprinzip


  • Very compact, modular design

  • Mechanically self-cleaning design, without solvents/flushing waste

  • Pure metal seals for low maintenance

  • Circulation via mixing head ensures optimum processing conditions

  • Stabilisation of the escaping mixture

  • Processing of highly reactive systems

  • High repeatability



10.8 kg

Dimensions L x W x H
250 x 330 x 550 mm

Ambient conditions, emissions    
The requirements for the metering system apply.

Number of mixing chambers and volumetric flow rate in l/min (depending on viscosity)
2    =   0.6 – 0.8   Volumetric flow rate l/min
3    =   0.8 – 1.7   Volumetric flow rate l/min
7    =   1.7 – 2.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
4    =   2.5 – 3.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
5    =   3.5 – 5.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
8.4 =   5.5 – 7.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
8    =   7.5 – 10    Volumetric flow rate l/min

Subject to technical changes
without prior notice.

Functional principle of the GP600 PUR L-shaped mixing head

When the mixing chamber is closed, the components circulate through the mixing head, back into the process vessel. This results in optimum temperature, viscosity and pressure stability. The shot is mixed according to the high-pressure impingement principle and is ejected via an L-shaped head in a splash-free and laminar manner. When the shot is completed, the residual mixture is mechanically ejected from the mixing chamber and L-shaped head into the tool. This means that even highly reactive systems with pot lives of less than 2s can be processed.

Enables splash-free, leak-free casting into open molds and injection into closed molds.

Application examples


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