Reaction-Spray-Molding (RSM)

Spraying of highly reactive RIM systems in open molds.

Reaction-Spray-Molding (RSM)


  • Aesthetics and design variety

  • Consistent quality

  • Optimised surface properties

  • Adaptation to complex shapes

  • High mechanical properties

The reaction spraying of RIM systems into open molds saves the cost of an expensive closed RIM casting mold. The processing time of the systems is 1–2 seconds. This means that even molded parts with upright surfaces can be sprayed without run-off. After the curing time (2-3 minutes), the parts produced in this way can be demolded and post-processed if necessary. RSM molded parts can be produced economically in small to medium quantities. The mechanical properties correspond to the high-quality RIM materials used for large-scale production in the automotive industry.

Application examples


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