In the manufacture of photovoltaic elements, polyurethane is used for the production of solar module frames, for bonding various components and for the thermal insulation of combined PV and water heating panels. ISOTHERM offers the right metering units, mixing heads and technical application expertise for processing these sophisticated speciality systems.

Application examples

Suitable solutions


  • Complex geometry

  • Low processing temperature

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Challenging environmental conditions

  • High temperature fluctuations

Solar energy systems require precision-manufactured panels that are stable and durable enough to withstand challenging environmental conditions for years. This requires special PU elastomers which can be used to produce high-quality solar panels. They feature high tear resistance and hydrolysis resistance, which is reflected in a long product service life and low maintenance costs. Here, too, functional fillers are increasingly being used to reduce shrinkage and maintain dimensional stability even with high temperature fluctuations.


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