Sports equipment

Polyurethane and sports equipment have been an increasingly strong, inseparable pair for more than 60 years. The wheels of inline skates and roller skates are made of high-quality PU elastomers. Even golf balls are encased with RIM systems.

Application examples

Suitable solutions


  • High design freedom

  • High surface quality and aesthetics

  • Pleasant and high-quality feel

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Wide range of materials

No running shoe without a PU sole and/or impact-absorbing gel pad inserts, no tennis racket without a PU handle, no ski production without a PU foam core or PU top layer, no safety helmet without PU foam inserts. No bicycle saddle without integral foam and gel inserts. Even the blades of ice hockey sticks contain PU foam in the sandwich.

Only one single plastic brings together this diversity: polyurethane. We offer suitable plant, mixing head and application technology for all the applications mentioned here and many more.


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