The handy tool! Ergonomic, pneumatically operated manual mixing head for spray processing. Ideal for processing polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam, coatings and filled/unfilled elastomers in stationary and/or mobile applications.

Polyurethan PUR Handmischkopf SP300, hochdruck-Sprühkopf und -Mischköpfe


  • Solvent-free, mechanically self-cleaning spray head

  • Pure metal seals, low maintenance

  • No solvent, no flushing waste

  • Airless spraying process for a compact spray coating with excellent mechanical properties

  • Processing of highly reactive systems with pot lives from 1 second



1.4 kg

Dimensions L x W x H  
201 x 70 x 198 mm

Ambient conditions, emissions   
The requirements for the metering system apply.
An extraction booth with an appropriate extraction capacity is recommended for spraying applications.

Number of mixing chambers and volumetric flow rate in l/min (depending on viscosity)
2    =   0.6 – 0.8   Volumetric flow rate l/min
3    =   0.8 – 1.7   Volumetric flow rate l/min
7    =   1.7 – 2.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
4    =   2.5 – 3.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
5    =   3.5 – 5.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
8.4 =   5.5 – 7.5   Volumetric flow rate l/min
8    =   7.5 – 10    Volumetric flow rate l/min

Subject to technical changes
without prior notice.

Constant high pressure
before spraying

The metering unit builds up pressure. The lead pressures inside the mixing head rise to up to 200 bar.

The nozzle needle (A) keeps the mixing chamber (B) closed and the POL, ISO components are pressurised on both sides of the no zzle needle (A) in the side bores (C).

    Metering during spraying

    When the shot is released (by actuating the trigger), the nozzle needle is pulled behind the side bores. The mixing chamber opens and the two POL, ISO components are pressed through the side bores into the mixing chamber under high pressure. The resulting high speed ensures intensive mixing when the components collide (impingement mixing). The mixed components flow out of the outlet opening.

    Constant high pressure
    after spraying

    When the shot is completed (by releasing the trigger), the nozzle needle closes the side bores and stops the component flows. The nozzle pin ejects the residual mixture and thus cleans the mixing chamber.

    Application examples


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