Reaction-Injection-Molding (RIM)

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is used for the production of molded parts.

Reaction-Injection-Molding (RIM)


  • Complex design

  • High surface quality and aesthetics

  • High strength and rigidity

  • Wide range of materials

  • Fast production

  • Low tool costs

In this process, the reactive mixture is injected into the closed mold at a very low pressure compared to injection molding. The fast reaction of the PUR systems enables the achievement of very short demolding times and thus increased productivity. The RIM process can be used to produce both soft and hard polyurethane components in various Shore hardnesses, integral foam or flexible elastomer. Compared to the conventional injection molding process, RIM features a lower viscosity, which is associated with larger flow paths. Larger flow paths can therefore be achieved with the same wall thickness using the RIM process.
The process is therefore particularly suitable for thin-walled and complex components.

In many cases, the RIM process is a suitable alternative to the conventional injection molding process.

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