Reaction-Injection-Edging (RIE)

Casting on or around open-penetration substrates such as table tops, door leaves made of chipboard or MDF or other material combinations with lightfast RIM systems in any colour.

Reaction-Injection-Edging (RIE)


  • Optimum adhesion and sealing

  • Optimum processing conditions

  • Processing of highly reactive systems

  • Processing of filled systems

  • Significant increase in service life

The preheated substrate (e.g., table or door leaf) is placed in the heated mold and is centred using stops. The mold is then closed and mechanically locked. The mixing head of the polyurethane unit is guided to the injection point and docked. The mixture is now injected until material emerges at the vent risers. After approx. 1 minute, the mold can be opened and a component with a PU edge can be demolded. The big advantage here is the very low viscosity of the liquid mixture compared to injection molding/thermoplastic. This allows the liquid mixture to penetrate into the edge zones of the substrate, resulting in optimum adhesion and sealing of the PU edge.

Application examples


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