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Polyurethan Hochdruck Dosieranlagen und Maschinen / Polyurethane high-pressure units and machines

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Polyurethane high pressure unit. Compact PUR high-pressure unit for the economic, ecologic production of technical parts in small shot sizes.


Technical data

  • Output stepless, close loop regulated: 0,6 - 5 l/min (10 - 85g/s)
  • Mixing ratio stepless, close loop regulated: 1:1 bis 4:1 / 1:4
  • Viscosity: max. 5000 mPa*s
  • Arbeitsdruck max.: 200 bar
  • Shot weight: 3 - 1000 g
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 2500 x 1200 x 2200 mm
  • Weight: 1540 kg
  • Electric supply: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 24 kVA


Production of technical parts in open and closed moulds. Shot weights of 3 to 1000 g

Pressure tanks

39 Liters stainless steel, doublejacket, oilheated, including electric stirrer, level- and temperature-senors, prepared for automatic tankfilling.


Edge-filters 0,1 mm, doublejacket, oilheated, including electric motor for cleaning.

Dry-air flushing

All Iso sealrings are continuously flushed with dry air (dewpoint -40°C). A typical ISOTHERM innovation to increase lifetime of seals.


Two oilheated vertical piston pumps with hydraulic drive and close loop regulation for mixing ratio and output, are responsable for the famous ISOTHERM metering precision.

Mixing head

Mechanically self-cleaning mixing heads with automatic recirculation of components, for smallest shot-size of 3 grams. Solvent-free, free of surge. For injection and spray.


Industrial PC (Windows NT) with touch-screen shows clearly, safely and comfortably all relevant process parameters. Menu-aided parameter set and control, error-analysis. Process parameters sown on screen. PC for easy control adaptions to customers needs in case of machine integration and software changes.


The components POLY and ISO, stocked and heated in pressure vessels, are metered by plungerpumps and transferred under high pressure to mixing head, resp. recirculate back to tanks. Optimal stability of temperature and pressure.


Automatic tank filling units, external process data control, additional POLY circuits (for colour change), robotics, turntables aso.