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Polyurethan Hochdruck Dosieranlagen und Maschinen / Polyurethane high-pressure units and machines

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Dosing systems

Polyurethane high-pressure equipments for spraying and injection of 2K PUR-Foam and Elasotmers in open as well as closed molds and coatings to protect, seal, insulate or reinforce.


Universal machine for spraying purposes, for elastomer and foam applications. The small high-pressure-unit for a large application field. Metering by puls free vertical piston pumpes, mixing according to the counterflow injection principle. No solvent needed.

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Polyurethane high pressure unit. Compact PUR high-pressure unit for the economic, ecologic production of technical parts in small shot sizes.

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PUR high-pressure mixing and dispensing unit for casting, injection or spray

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