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Polyurethan Hochdruck Dosieranlagen und Maschinen / Polyurethane high-pressure units and machines

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RSM / RIM spray

Spraying of form parts in open molds

RSM/RIM spray

The spraying of high reactive RIM systems in open molds saves the costs for an expensive closed RIM-Injection-Mold. The cure time of such systems is about 2-3 seconds. That means even vertical surfaces can be sprayed dropless. After 2 - 3 minutes parts are ready for demolding and ready
to trim.

The manufacture of RSM parts is an economic solution especially for small and medium series. The parts have an excellent low-temperature strenght. Another important advantage is the high impact toughness. The physical properties are the same as for high quality RIM parts used in large series in the automotive industry. Casing parts, machine covering plates, tuning parts like spoilers, fenders aso. are examples where RSM parts are in use today. Similar coating systems are even used for the protection covering of EPS and Styropor-parts.

Stationary used industrial spraying units

Whether used for continuous adhesive spraying on conveyor systems, for skinning of large sized pads or for manufacture of self supporting RIM spray parts in open molds.

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