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Polyurethan Hochdruck Dosieranlagen und Maschinen / Polyurethane high-pressure units and machines

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Mobile spray

Thermal insulation with rigid foam and elastomere-spraying for seamless sealings

Mobile spray

Completely in trucks or trailers installed units PSM 70 or PSM 100 equipped with 60 or 90 m eletcric heated Teflon hoses and mechanically self-cleaning mixing head SP 300.
These are independent mobile spraying and coating units for Elastomer and foam spray.

With automatic tankfilling you even don’t need to stop spraying during barrel change.

Thermal insulation by rigid foam spray

Energy-saving thermal and hydroinsulation of large surfaces on industrial buildings by spraying of Polyurethane rigid-foam. With rigid foams faulty roofs or older buildings can be renovated without removing of old flat roof constructions. Rigid foam can be sprayed on practically every solid and dry substrate so as on: tar, bitumen board, concrete, chipboard, plaster, steel sheet, glass surfaces aso.

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Sealing of bridges and parking decks

The fully seamless spray-covering of reinforced concrete with 2-3 mm high-elastic crack-bridging Polyurethane-systems avoids the corrosion of the reinforcement by dirt-and saltwater. Fast and seamless application even on complicate structures and geometries. No dropping because of the fast reactivity of the Polyurethane systems. 2-3 s gel time. Imperviousness and resistance against de-icing salt-solutions and other concrete- or reinforcement-destroiyng contaminant.

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Concrete sealing / leakage protectives

If used as a sealer for catch-pits in-fuel or oilstorages or as hydro insulation of earth-covered constructions. Our machines are made to spray high reactive Polyurethanes and Polyurea systems.

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The buckets and hoisting tools for mining machinery are working under extreme conditions. There is a big abrasion caused by cornered stones. The covering of those tools by spraying of Polyurethane abrasion-protective-systems increases their lifetime.

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