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Polyurethan Hochdruck Dosieranlagen und Maschinen / Polyurethane high-pressure units and machines

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Coating spray

Hard coating gives an integral skin for spoilers

Coating spray for spoilers

Integralfoams used for the production of spoilers, lost their 1mm integral skin because of the use of new (non-CFC) blowing agents. It means new integral parts are thin-skinned and scratchable.
ISOTHERM solved the problems: The open spoiler-mold surfaces are covered with a sprayed Urethane coating. Thickness 1mm. After spraying the mold is closed. The injection holes and the vent holes has to be drilled. Now the molds are prepared to inject the Duromer or rigid foam. 5 min. later a spoiler with a scratch-resistant coating-skin can be demolded. Skins like that are paintable.